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Michael Lewis, U.S. Coast Guard

Michael was nominated by Dave Cowger:

Petty officer Lewis is a Damage Controlman of the USCG. He’s dedicated half his life to his service with just under 20 years service serving aboard ships, on land, and in recruiting. He came to Base Portsmouth Base Services IDIQ where his single billet was filling three equilavent military positions and one of a government civilians. Overseeing the entire Base’s engineer of the watch and coordinating new trainees, he also took on all responsibilities of the bases safety coordinator, a whole other paid position on top of the main mission of this particular shop(unit). To add to all of this, he worked his way up through the ranks within the Coast Guard Enlisted Assoc. as National President . In his time away from work he does volunteer work and rides with his group the Blue Knights. He is allover a great guy with great life advice and anyone would be a better person for have getting to know him.

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Michael Lewis, U.S. Coast Guard

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