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Keith Boyce, US Navy

Keith was nominated by his wife Cheryl:

My husband, Keith is an amazing man and my personal hero. He has served his country for 26 years. He has been deployed longer than he has been at home in the past 16 years. We have three teenagers and his patience is remarkable. We recently had to relocate to Virginia Beach and Keith flew out alone and found us the perfect house When our children were little and Keith had to deploy, he would spend hours recording their favorite bedtime stories so I could play them for our children at night.
When our children were in grade school, Keith spoke every Veterans Day. He will be Santa or Easter Bunny or whatever he is needed to be. He served on the PTA at the grade school and received an Honorary Service Award. He has coached every sports league or boys have played in. He has helped collect donations for our military troops overseas, as well as their families on the home front. Keith goes “above and beyond” every day, supporting his troops, families and especially, our family

There are so many wonderful military heroes in the world, However, my husband, Master Chief Keith M. Boyce, is a war hero, my hero, and best of all, will always be his children’s biggest hero.

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