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Mariano Negron, US Navy


Mariano was nominated by his wife, Alexira Rodriguez.

Mariano is my husband, father of a 2 year old son and a 6 yr old daughter. He is currently stationed on the USS Enterprise as a nuke, a very hard and demanding job in the navy. He went on deployment in 2011, and sent us back home to Puerto Rico so we could be with my mom and dad while he was deployed. We didn’t see each other in almost 2 years with the exception of 2 weeks that he took leave and came to visit us in PR because he went again on deployment in 2012. He came back from the Enterprise’s final deployment in November and brought me and my kids back to Virginia so we could finally be togheter again. He is a loving father and husband, and he works really hard to give us everything we need. We have now a beatiful home, with new furniture because I asked for it. He is the best man I know, and the best husband and father I have ever met. He goes to sleep after me, and he is up in the morning before I open my eyes. He cooks when I ask him to, he cleans and he takes care of us like no one else would. Anyways, I love him and I thank god for putting him in my life.

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