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Gale Allen, US Navy Retired


Gale was nominated by his wife Georgiann,

My husband, Gale served in the Vietnam war on the River Patrol Boats patroling the rivers. He was over there for 1 1/2 years, 1968 to 1969. It was not accepted by the United States citizens, so when these men and women returned, they were yelled at, spit on and did not wear the Uniform in public because of the hatred. He received a Purple Heart and Bronze Star w/Valor during his tour. He did not tell anyone in his family about this. His Father found out from the newspaper in Cheboygan, Michigan. His brother was stationed in Japan and was not aware of it. He does not talk about these days with anyone. He will talk with his former buddies when they have their reunions, PBR 515. He says no one would understand except those that were there. I would like to honor him for his service during those trying years.

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