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Clayton Hill, US Navy


Clayton was nominated by his wife Michelle,

My husband is the most amazing man ever. Not only is he the hardest working father I know, he is the hardest working sailor I know. He has almost 10 years in the service and is looking to making a career out of it. He just got PTS approved so he is staying in for another tour. He re-enlists in October for another 6 years. He has volunteered to Afghanastan on his own and is an awesome welder. He has two children that are his own and one whom he claims because he is a man that way. My son from a previous relationship had a stroke when he was born and I have been through many ups and downs with him. When I met Clayton he took my son in just as he was his own and is in the process of adopting him and that is the only daddy my son has ever known and he is not only his hero but mine as well. If I ever need anything wether it befood brought to work, help with the kids he is always there for me no matter what. He is always the first to volunteer, help out younger sailors, etc. An ollder lady bought a house a couple doors down and he actually gave her one of our lawnmowers because she couldn’t afford one. He is always going out of his way to do nice things for people in need. He is an all around American hero!

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