You can’t correct Bob Costas

Everybody know that…I’ll tell you why if you keep reading…

550 - Hymen Hut, because sometimes you need a little help putting yourself back together.

645 – Stupid News – Stranger Cooking in Apartment in the Middle of the Night…Hostage Negotiators called in because someone stole a man’s Chicken meal…10 Hand Grenades, some drugs and a live pig.

700 – Route 64…traffic is a jerkass around here sometimes.

830 - Guy Torry – Now it makes sense. Guy tells us about the time his brother Joe, who we just met a few weeks ago, told Bob Costas some bogus info and had his “moment” stolen on tv.

835 - Sports – Guy sits in with Rod, Will Ferrell introduces the Hornets, Duke beats UNC, Ricky Williams tricked into retiring.

845 – Stupid News – 20,000 Loiterers Arrested Wrongfully…Flight Grounded because a Cat was in the Cockpit wiring…Boyfriend picked the wrong day to get a ride to work from someone else


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March 1, 2015