Yo Money ain’t coming

Not from here anyway. Mo’ Money now being shut down all across the state, it’s not looking good for these guys. And just as bad for the people they “helped.”

550 – 500 Hour Energy, we all need that HUGE pick me up.

620 – Craigslist Casual Encounters – Super Bowl Edition.

645 – Stupid News – Porn on Phone during Congress…Cheerleader Championships hit with wave of Diarrhea…One Guy didn’t buy a Lottery Ticket, He’s the only one in his town who didn’t win

655 – 301 – The movie about the ONE guy who wasn’t fit to lick a humpback…scratch that he may have loved it…

720 – WAVY’s Ann McNamara has been all over this Mo’ Money story. She called the show today to let us know some mo’.

745 – No Money Taxes. Because not getting any money shouldn’t be a chore.

830 – Sports – Vick still hated, Tiger hates a belly putter, Yankee cologne is no match for Trump.

845 – Stupid News – Hand Grenade found among dead old guy’s stuff…dentures stolen right from woman’s mouth…Police Need Help finding thief of the Mega Masturbator.

915 – Anal Bleaching, is it an epidemic? Let’s hope not!

930 – Scar-A-Gami, who doesn’t like decorative scars?

955 – iPhone 3Some, Rumble got an iPhone, and look at the things he’s hooking up with it already. SCORE!


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Feb. 11, 2016