Why no updates?

Because. I’m a lazy lazy man. We’re looking to do things a little bit differently with this here blog page now. We may start using it for actual blogging of show events??? I know, it sounds crazy, but it’s what’s happening so just bear with us.

615: Psychic Victoria Bullis came on, she didn’t take calls from you, but more gave her predictions for 2012. Jeb Bush. Remember that name.

630: Sports sports sports: NFL Divisional round of the playoffs. Get Rod’s Take, and the shortest sentence in the English language.

645: Stupid News: Big gun in a big ass. 65 pounds of boner pills. And that’s entirely too much cowbell.

715: Ask Shelley: What was the first joke ever told? Including audio from the first “That’s what she said” ever recorded.   Where do “Uh huh” and “Nuh uh” come from? And When did Gay stop meaning happy and start meaning….really happy?

730: Sports: A double dose! For your face! This time including a Happy Birthday to Rod’s daughter Seaweed.

800: News: Martin Luther King Day. Enjoy your day off, some of you. Huntsman drops out, the how much liquor was consumed in VA last year? A lot. A lot a lot.

845: Stupid News: Messy Yard Fine leads to Jail Time. 94 hamsters but a bitch ain’t one. Woman Coughs up a cancerous tumor.

CLASSIC UPDATE: See, the way our OnDemand page works is that new stuff goes to the top, and all the old stuff gets bumped every time something new goes up. So when we play something old now, we’re going to bump it back up to the top. Like today, late in the show, RICK JAMESTOWN made an appearance. I’m doing my best to stay on top of it, thank you for your cooperation in this trying time.


Idiots today:

Hey Philly, stop being a**holes! Your mayor has spoken!

How big is Mittens Romney’s junk? I don’t know personally, but it must be HUGE if this many calls are getting through to C-Span.

And why the hell does this exist?


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