Trophy stores, where everybody wins

By request of several, here’s the link to Ted’s Trophies. Because opening a trophy store in this day and age where everybody wins one should be a great idea. But alas, poor Ted….And now your OnDemand highlights…

630 – Sports – Sad Rod, Fornatero traded from the Admirals. Tyson doing a one-man show in Vegas. Evan Longoria hopping on a Playboy bunny, and Sperm Whale brains.

645 – Stupid News – Safe stuck shut, sold on eBay, opened & full of $26,000…DUI Seat Switch Fail…Rarest Football Card Ever Found in Farmhouse

720 – Funny Obituaries. Respectfully done, of course.

745 – Bowlin Bowlin Bowling….get your prepared for our Bowling party. SIGN UP!!

825 – Alanis: Leave me Alone. Yesterday’s Adele parody reminded us of the last crazy stalker chick who needs some help.

845 – Stupid News – Jazz FM broadcasts Porn…Man Caught in Bear Trap actually a Dog Caught in a Fox Trap…iPhone Thief demands Oral in exchange for returning iPhone, PSYCHE!


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