This will not end well

So this video blew up yesterday. And when there’s something that is seemingly on every website I check, I kind of feel silly posting it too, but it is my duty to please that booty to bring you this stuff, so here it is. Yesterday the kid on the right earned the nickname Kid Zangief. If you haven’t played Street Fighter 2, SF2: Turbo, SF2: Champion Edition, Super Street Fighter 2, or Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (And no I did not make any of those up), then you probably don’t catch the reference. Here’s a 7 minute compilation video of ALL of Zangief’s throws from all the Street Fighter games he’s been in.

After you make it through all of that, click here to watch the main video if you haven’t seen it already. A little bully is the worst kind. They usually hide behind the fact that they think you can’t/won’t do anything back. But most all of us have a breaking point. It’s a shame it took a couple clean hits to the face for this one to come about, but hopefully the message has been sent. Now we do NOT know the context for this, but it would appear that the little a-hole got what was coming to him. And hopefully the big kid feels proud for standing up for himself. You don’t always get these opportunities, especially as an adult, so missing a few days from school is really not that awful of a punishment.

Shelley’s news today featured a video from a UCLA blonde who is angry about the Asians in her school. It’s been our experience that whenever someone says something like “Now I’m not a racist…” something incredibly racist comes right after that. This video is no exception.


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