There’s poems

In your pockets!

So today was poem in your pocket day. I know, who knew?! So we were all given the homework assignment of writing a poem, and then Rod would go hand them out to people so they could have a poem for their pockets all day long.

I don’t know how this stuff makes it out of our meetings either. Here’s a video that started it all. Yup…looks like poets.

And a guy complained when he drew one of my poems that it was too long. So now I will post it here in its entirety…for all you fans of poetry to enjoy.

Untitled #6

A slumbering monster takes in the sun
The bugs swarm, engulfing the scraps
No pride is earned this day
Nor love for self or loot
The feast today was cowardly
The weak picked from the herd
Because he can
And will
He came here from another age
With no motive or direction
He did what he knew best
Devour, take, rest
Thus is the end of the fun
When he arose from his slumber
This destroyer of worlds
This tyrannosaurus who travelled time and ruined a birthday party by taking a piece of the cake before it was time


It had time travel and a dinosaur! What’s not to love!?


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