Here’s your lineup…and all the other info you may need. Local band to be added later, and how we decide to do it is also coming later. We’re going back to the 9 band lineup. I hope you all can make it, literally all of you.

With that said….Here’s today’s show…

630 – Sports – No Daytona 500, it’ll be tonight at 7, might as well call it NightTona…EH??!

645 – Stupid News – Hand Chopped Off in Insurance Fraud…New Nike Brawl at the mall…19 Inch television in the pants

720 – Ask Shelley – Where can you find Guinea Pigs in their Natural habitat? Why is Leap Day Leap Day? And why do I have to turn my head to cough?

845 – Stupid News – Benny Hill lives in Welsh Marathon…Homeless man Breaks into House for Porno Break…And you done stole the WRONG car, son

930 – Southeast Virginia Paranormal Investigations – Featured on this week’s “Only in America” with Larry the Cable Guy. His pants got dunnnn


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Nov. 23, 2014