Super hangover

We all stayed up until the last play of the Super Bowl last night, so forgive our inability to say and/or type words good today. Durrrrr.

620 – Rumble in the Streets of Virginia Beach for Polar Plunge 2012. Over $1.1 Million raised for Special Olympics VA. Good job, everyone.

645 – Stupid News – Naked Burglar covered in Peanut butter & Chocolate…Big Boobs make Field Sobriety Tests impossible…and Guy Dies in LAN Cafe, No One Notices for 9 hours.

720 – Ask Shelley – When did Super Bowl commercials become such a big deal? What country drinks the most beer? Why do we have to say Big Game sometimes instead of Super Bowl? HOW OLD IS MADONNA?

730 – Sports – Los Angeles Passion starting a dynasty as they win the LFL Championship. New York Giants are your Super Bowl champions.

745 - I Believe that I Hate This Song – The Darkness appeared in a Super Bowl commercial, so let’s drive you nuts.

750 – Derek Leonidof – Local actor starred in a Dorito’s commercial last night that wound up winning $1 Million!

845 – Stupid News – Judge Falls Asleep during Proceedings…TV Stolen thru Window that was Far Too Small to Steal said Tv Thru…9 Year Old Grabs Crotch, Suspended from School. He was lip-synching to a Michael Jackson song.

 930 – Arkansas Teddy Bear. Don’t be fooled into getting this cheap knock-off. Well, we’d like to think you only orderedit because you got tricked.

955 – Call with Siri. Rumble fell in love with an iPhone over the weekend, and we relived the time he called the iPhone 4s’s Siri, and really really pissed her off.

Now go to sleep.


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