Shamrock Shakes at home

Look, these will never be as good as McDonald’s. But you can at least attempt to make your own. The only way to compare is to go get the real thing too. Just saying….but here’s the Recipe from them internets for homemade Shamrock shakes…

–Three cups of a high-quality vanilla ice cream.


–One-and-three-quarters cups of 1% milk.


–Half a teaspoon of peppermint extract.


–Green food coloring.


Blend. Enjoy.

Here’s today’s show, with 2 video links first. FIRST…THE St.Patrick’s Day video to end them all.

And this one made Fitzwell puke. You have been warned.

645 – Stupid News – Easter Egg Hunt Cancelled Because Parents are Too Aggressive…”Big Knockers” DVDs collected from streets to protect the children…8 Year Old drives 5 year old sister to store

720 – The News You Missed – President Obama introduces British Prime Minister to a lot of new things, Trump’s Kids in trouble, and the IHOP bandits

830 – Sports – VCU wins again! Eddie Royal jukes Washington, and 11 year old busted for running legitimate business.

845 – Stupid News – Pastor Mad @ Easter Baskets with Squirt Guns…Credit Card spotted as stolen when clerk is victim’s daughter…Bloody Horse Head in the Mail shockingly a bad idea

930 – Games for Your Butt – Gamerscore crisis, Diablo 3 release date, anger over Mass Effect 3 ending, and play with your kitty.


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Feb. 10, 2016