Seeing icky things

Those wacky 90s. What with the invention of the internet, and its AOL and half a webpage that it really was and whatnot. If you weren’t around then, it truly was a magical time. Slowly waiting for a picture to show up, at speeds that would leave your children in tears. Constantly getting booted offline because someone picked up the phone….carefully hiding your “bookmarks” in folders marked “VideoGames” and “Hockey”…you know…all that stuff. Well, it wasn’t all fun and games for children at the time. Sometimes they would see things they weren’t supposed to, which would lead them to convenience stores to buy slushy drinks and sit at the park looking sad. Don’t believe me? Watch the video.

And tell me sleeveless hoodie man isn’t out to get you AND your children.

In the market for a dentist? Me neither, but this guy wants you to want his business bad. I think I wrote that backwards…

And the lady’s panty quilt….I really have nothing to add to that one. It kind of tells the story itself. Mr. Shovelhead is what he’s known as….


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Sept. 5, 2015