Pre Valentine’s Fun!

Today was our first day back after finding out that Whitney Houston died. Where were you when you found out? I found out when Shelley told me in a message on XBOX Live. I had to scrap my plans for all of The Bodyguard themed cupcakes I was planning on sending out. Dangit.

600 – Right out of the gates we got a confusing text message. You’ll have to listen as the crew tries to make sense of it.

630 – Sports – Phil Mickelson messes Tiger up, Giants DE Justin Tuck visits wounded cop at his home, and Nadal drug tested because of a puppet show.

645 – Stupid News – No Teletubby house for pro footballer…Funeral Brawl…Anger Management course has predictable problem.

720 – Ask Shelley – Will a pierced nipple squirt milk in all directions? Can strippers write off implants on their taxes? Women allergic to sperm…the side effects are terrible!

745 – A Rumble Look at Lyrics, John Hall the Head Coach of the Norfolk Sharx, with is very British accent, reads the inane lyrics of LMFAO.

845 – Stupid News – Man Breaks into woman’s home and cleans…how could an anus rocket launch go wrong…and chainsaw + pub = safety. Psyche!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and we will celebrate with FRONT ROW TICKETS TO WWE!


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