Pre-Tracy Day

We don’t know if Tracy Morgan’s coming in the studio tomorrow, but we’re going to pretend will all our hearts.

645 – Stupid News – Mom shot in Pit Bull fight…Sausage Fire…and dog’s ear clipped off by groomer, glued back on

730 – We got a surprise phone call from Kelvin White, the beer delivery guy who stopped a robbery last year and was shot in the process. There’s a big fundraiser for him tomorrow in Hampton, go be a part of it if you can. Or listen for details on how you can donate at Chartway Federal Credit Unions.

830 – Sports – Admirals tied for 1st!! The Jeremy Lin puns just won’t stop. Jaworski out on MNF, and Tyson says a bad word.

845 – Stupid News – Police Stand-off with Empty Car…Valentine’s Day Stabbing…Government Barbar shop

930 – We were reminded of a couple Spongebob & Grungebob bits because of Which may be a bogus site, but we don’t care.

We closed the show with this list of the top 50 TV theme songs of all time. It’s a list on the internet, so of course you’re not going to agree with it.


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Oct. 31, 2014