Pre-everything show

This is a busy ass weekend, man. Tool tonight, Polar Plunge tomorrow, Super Bowl on Sunday.

550 – CLASSIC: Twilight: Breaking Wind, because the First Caller needed ONE MORE DVD to watch.

620 – Idiots on the Internet – Or as one Facebook fan wrote, “Stupid Internet People.” I’m not gonna lie, I’d get somebody else to take this order too. A guy sings his Sonic order at the Drive-Thru. One man, several takes, The Simpsons theme. Is Mitt Romney crueler than the Nazis. We aren’t saying, but the facts appear to be in this phone message. And finally…Big, Massive Cockfights…will make you laugh. They aren’t supposed to though.

645 – Stupid News – 2 beers, $14,000…74 Year Old chokes on Dentures with 62 year old Prostitute…Bear Suicides

720 – News You Missed – Trump makes his pick for President, the Pro Bowl looks staged, and Don Cornelius derailed.

745 – Andy Fox remembers Pete Decker. Local hero Peter Decker Jr passed away overnight today. Andy and Rumble remember Mr. Decker fondly. A very emotional Andy Fox towards the end there…

830 – Sports – 8 point game for Sam Gagne, 2 points short of the record. Rod’s Super Bowl pick, hold it against him. And high school recruit picks his school because of a Chik-Fil-A on campus.

845 – Stupid News – Bottled Fetuses Found in a Basement…FBI Chainsaws the Wrong House…Fake Facebook Stocks Sold

920 – Bowlin Bowlin Bowlin….the 2012 Rum-Bowl, the 83rd annual, is on sale RIGHT NOW. Get your $#!t together and sign up!

930 – Games for Your Butt – Madden predicts the Super Bowl, and you’d be shocked just much this gaming habit costs…or you won’t.

955 – Hero Twice a Day – All this talk of Super Bowl food is making President Clinton Hungry again.

BONUS TRACK! With the Polar Plunge tomorrow, Shelley interviewed Rick Jeffries, head of Special Olympics VA and he has all the information you could possibly need.

It’s a busy weekend, join us Monday. At 7 AM there is a MAJOR announcement. I want to hint, but I can’t. Just know an old friend is coming to town.


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May 26, 2016