No hangover

Because there was no football to drink to…is this why people like NASCAR so much?

Here’s what happened today, on a sober sober Monday…

645 – Stupid News – Python Bites Ladies Face, Cops Called and then Robbed, baby Bites Head off a Snake

720 – Ask Shelley – Why doesn’t the Moon have a better name? Why do Cops Like Donuts so much? If it’s cold, can you see a fart?

730 – Sports – NFL Pro Bowl last night, Admirals sold out Saturday night, split with Hershey. Super Bowl good for one big business the next day…what is it??

745 – Calls, did a phone poll of stupid human tricks, like THIS GIRL who can say anything you give her backwards. I’m jealous, I was always good at this, but never this good. And caller, know that we love you. Keep voicing away, sir.

Our recordinational device had a catastrophic malfunction and the 845 Stupid News did not record. We apologize for the inconvenience, all requests for refunds will be denied and you will be insulted verbally. Thank you.


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Aug. 3, 2015