Mo Rumble

That’s the theme, as this Mo’ Money place continues to dominate the headlines, it doesn’t look good. But man it sounds good for us…

Lots of classics resurrected today, so let’s start at the start…

535 – 90’s Lounge Medley…you know you love Stinkfist on piano…

600 – What is Hampton Roads, Clint Eastwood getting some grief because his Super Bowl commercial was filmed in LA but bragged about how great Detroit is…well kind of.

620 – Idiots on the Internet. What’s not to like about a violin/donkey duet? How about the 80s-est video about Karate you’ll ever see? OR how about this sausage festival?

645 – Stupid News – $10,000 Movie Bill…Elevator Rescuers get stuck in Elevator…Japan All-National Hole Digging Championships

730 – Sports – Aruba inviting the Patriots, Gronkowski dancing on his bad bad ankle, Moreno loves the Sauce a little too much.

845 – Stupid News – Gun Show Attendee Shoots himself…Missing Old man Lost in fog 2 states over…Icelandic Incest Registry

945 – Prank Calls from Journey – Tareq Salahi is now suing Journey and his former wife for $17 Million, because of these prank calls…

1000 – Bonus track! Banana for Bono, just because!


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April 21, 2015