Locked up

620 – Rapper Lil Wayne is releasing his prison diaries, because you, the Rumble audience, are just DYING to know what it was like for Mr. Wayne. So to do a little digging ahead, we look back (just go with it) at some of his lyrics. Surely this will act as a preview of sorts for what is to come.

645 - Stupid News – Girl Scout Cookie Money Theft, 15 Year Old Hears mom doing it and calls 911, Woman on the toilet for 2.5 years…do NOT go in there.

730 – Sports – New England the favorites, the money’s on the Giants. Biggest differences between the Cowboys and the Giants? Bubba Watson buys the Gen. Lee. Bruins goalie doesn’t like Obama…a lot. Jose Canseco disintegrates into Uncle Rico.

745 – From Stupid News above…ever catch your parents doing it? Yes, we’re forcing you to relive it!

845 – Stupid News – Ghost beats up wife, Waffle House Robbery Fail, and 10 year old gets a tatto, mom gets arrested. 

940 – Idiots. Family Feud has some awesome respondents to their surveys now. Rap to fetal heartbeat. And The BEST CHURCH SINGER you’ve ever heard. People complained, I call them weenies. If we can collectively as a show sit thru the screeching, you can too.


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