Have you ever seen the ‘Haka” War Cry?
Have you ever seen the ‘Haka” War Cry?

Bears WR Brandon Marshall tweeted a photo of himself in the locker room. Unfortunately, he did not take the time to check out what was ”Behind” him in the photo. CLICK HERER for the PHOTO

Team New Zealand performs the “Haka” War Cry before getting their asses kicked by Chinese Taipei at the World Baseball Classic. If you have never seen the Haka”War Cry CLICK HERE it is worth it!

Hey, remember that Cleveland Browns fan who put his head in a bucket of urine for money? Turns out he is a police officer and has now been suspended. CLICK HERE for the VIDEO and the story.

As the NHL Lockout continues PK Suban of the Montreal Canadiens attempts to work at a restaurant making pizza and tending bar. CLICK HERE for the VIDEO

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BABES: Jillian Beyoruh … Delicious

BABES: Tanja Dexter …She’s from Belgium so you know she’s got to be good!

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Oct. 2, 2014