Groundhog Day!

Ned Ryerson!! Come on, Phil!


So today was an exceptional if I do say so myself. It’s GROUNDHOG DAY. We streamed it live and heckled the men in hats. Because we’re upstanding citizens who can talk a lot of smack from high atop our comfy studio. Real tough guys and gal.

550 – For our Fish Packer First Caller, Grungebob Squarepants.

645 – Stupid News – High Speed Bucket Truck Chase, Helper dog brings cell phone to lady with broken leg, Facebook Posting of Crimes

745 – Groundhog Day re-enactment. They may have Punxatawny Phil, but we have Nobbler’s Gob Sugarteets. Dave Taylor in a dog suit recreates the dramatic moment where a squirrel predicts the weather. Click here for the video.

750 – Call to Punxatawny, late yesterday we found out that sponsorship opportunities were still available for the Groundhog Festivities! So we called to see how we could help.

820 – J. Medicine Hat got a black eye from his big ass dog, and bought a Corvette. He’s been a busy man.

830 – Sports – A.P. thought about changing his number, Umenyiora only player on both Super Bowl teams to not understand what media day means, and weiner dog races…

845 – Stupid News – Juror dismissed for Adding Defendant on Facebook, Rooster Attacks Deputy, Kidney Trade to get Son a Job

900 – Wilford Buys Beer, after Mr. Medicine Hat noticed our autographed Wilford Brimley picture in the studio.



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Aug. 27, 2015