Good Luck, Norfolk

Not only for the Admirals tonight as they go for 23 in a row, but the rest of you trying to drive around. Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden are both in town today, destroying all the roads in Norfolk in the process. So good luck. Seriously.

620 – Hillary Clinton on Tape – What’s a tape? Well, it’s what people used to put books onto when other people were too lazy to actually read them. And this one sounds like a fun time really.

645 – Stupid News – Cost of Screwing up a Home Repair…Shots Fired to Shut Kids Up…Cattle Rustling in a Honda Civic

720 – Joe Biden, in town, and destined to screw something up today.

730 – Sports – NCAA Men’s Championship goes to Kentucky (for now), and why the 1900 Olympics were the bee’s knees.

845 – Stupid News – YMCA Safety Drill featuring maniacs, remain calm…Picnic Pants…Batman Needs $1 Million or the Hospital gets it

We took a BOATLOAD of calls and Facebook posts on the Worst Movie ever today. And I have to say that I disagree with some of you on very serious terms. Rubber, the tire that kills people, is SUPPOSED to be stupid. SyFy movies like Sharktopus and MegaCroc are SUPPOSED to be bad. I still have to say that You Got Served, Fast and the Furious, and Death Proof are the worst movies I’ve ever seen.

Death Proof is the nail in the coffin of my friendship with Stephen Hill. He loves it for some reason. And doesn’t like Dumb & Dumber. He is dead to me now.


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