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Dalai Lama clear

Friday, October 19, 201210/19/2012

The Dalai Lama does not speak English to good

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Thursday, October 18, 201210/18/2012

“Binders Full of Women” topping the charts

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Tuesday, October 16, 201210/16/2012

Honey Boo Boo endorses Obama

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Friday, October 12, 201210/12/2012

So who was the Master-debater last night?

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christina aguileraclear

Thursday, October 11, 201210/11/2012

Christina Aguilera talks boobs

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ng joe biden 270911

Wednesday, October 10, 201210/10/2012

Captain Vice President and Paul Ryan ready to Rumble

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Tuesday, October 9, 201210/09/2012

Mit Rowney face wiping

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Thursday, October 4, 201210/04/2012

Breaking down the Presidential Debate

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