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Friday, August 23, 201308/23/2013

News – I am Batman

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Thursday, August 22, 201308/22/2013

News – Bradley Manning Wants Change

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Wednesday, August 21, 201308/21/2013

News – School Clerk Stops Gunman

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Tuesday, August 20, 201308/20/2013

News – Pulling Military Aid to Egypt

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Monday, August 19, 201308/19/2013

News – A Huge Money Making Mistake

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Thursday, August 15, 201308/15/2013

News – City Park Removes Benches

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Wednesday, August 14, 201308/14/2013

News – UPS Flight Crashes In Alabama

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Tuesday, August 13, 201308/13/2013

News – Governor Mcdonell Coming to Town

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road closed

Monday, August 12, 201308/12/2013

News – Downtown Tunnel Closure

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Thursday, August 8, 201308/08/2013

News – Castro House Demolished

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Boston Marathon bombing the day after

Tuesday, August 6, 201308/06/2013

News – Dozens of U.S. Embassies are Closed

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Shark filming for 'Dark Tide' in Hout Bay

Monday, August 5, 201308/05/2013

News – Shark Spotted In Virginia Waters

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