1.21 MegaWhATS?

I don’t know what that means either.

Here’s today’s show in a nutshell. Help we’re in nutshells! Sorry, it’s Friday and I wanna leave.

645 – Stupid News – Tacocopter!…IT guy Peeing on Co-Worker’s Office Chairs…Bear Saves Man from Lion, Oh My.

720 – The News You Missed – Will Obamacare help you at the Rug Doctor? Placenta Diners and how Starbucks can make stuff pink.

730 – Sports – ADMIRALS go for 22 in a row tonight! Ron Burgundy’s ESPN audition is back!

845 – Stupid News – Wife & Dogs Shot because Dogs were Pooping inside…Extra Phone Lines at the Zoo in anticipation of April Fool’s Pranks…Stolen Parrot sings Queen, will Annoy Thieves

930 – Games for Your Butt – Star Wars Xbox! Ps4?? And Mass Cupcakes!

Idiots on the Internet were these: The only version of Moves Like Jagger anyone ever needs to hear again. Drunk guy in a squad car sings Queen. ALL HOLES FILLED!

Good luck on the MegaMillions. Rumble says he will be off on Monday whether he wins or not.


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