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Rock Girl Finalist Photos
Rock Girl Finalist Photos


We are getting closer to narrowing down our finalists to one lucky lady who will be our new 2013 Rock Girl! Check out these new photos of the girls courtesy of Mergin Photography.

  • amy-1
  • amy-2
  • amy-3
  • andrea-1
  • andrea-2
  • andrea-3
  • angel-1
  • angel-2
  • angel-4
  • bekah-1
  • bekah-2
  • bekah-3
  • brooke-1
  • brooke-2
  • brooke-3
  • christine-1
  • christine-2
  • christine-3
  • jenny-1
  • jenny-2
  • jenny-3
  • jordan-1
  • jordan-2
  • jordan-3
  • katlynn-1
  • katlynn-2
  • katlynn-3
  • kristen-1
  • kristen-2
  • kristen-3
  • narissa-1
  • narissa-2
  • narissa-3
  • nikky-1
  • nikky-2
  • nikky-3
  • tiffany-1
  • tiffany-2
  • tiffany-3
  • tiffany-f-1
  • tiffany-f-2
  • tiffany-f-3

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