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William Muthig, US Navy

William Muthig

What can’t I say about my hero? He’s an amazing father, husband, and sailor. He gives 100% to family, friends, and country. He has proudly served over 20 years in the Navy and has worn his uniform with pride. Over the past 2 years, he’s been deployed over 19 months. Even when he was physically gone, his spirit ran strong and steady. He was our strength!

When I found out my cancer was no longer in remission, he was my rock. When I wept about my hair falling out and my feeling sick from medications and treatments, he somehow always made me feel as though it would be OK. He never let me feel like a victim, but rather a SURVIVOR. He focused on the day and what we WOULD accomplish–not what we couldn’t. When I lost the vision in my eye due to medical complications, he once again stood strong. He looked up resources to help me cope and educated himself in order to educate me. He never let me give up.

When we first spoke of marrying, many of my family and friends were surprised that I wanted to marry a member of the armed forces. When my mother asked why I wanted to marry someone who was gone a lot and worked crazy hours, I explained that I fell in love with an incredible man of character and integrity. A man of principle. Yes, he puts in long, hard hours (days, weeks, months) in conditions I could, and would, never handle. And yes, he is gone on holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. BUT, he also a man who puts his family, friends, and me before HIS own needs and desires. He is a man who would move mountains to help a stranger in need–in country or out. He proudly salutes the flag and honors his country. He understands that his sacrifices help keep our country safe. That man, my husband, happens to be a member of our nation’s armed forces. His career, like that of anyone, is a part of who he is.

Why did I marry him? The obvious answer is because I love him. But I also believe in him, respect him, and admire him. He is MY hero! I chose this life because it is such a privilege to stand beside this man who sacrifices not just for his wife and family, but for his neighbors and nation–whether they know it or not. It is a privilege to support him and to be his cheerleader. Whether waiting on a dock, or airport, or transport station, nothing replaces the feeling in my heart when I feel him put his arms around me and say, “I’m home.” His small part in this military may not ‘win’ the war. But his small part contributes to the mission’s success and I have the privilege of living to support him. My hero is my husband, QMC WILLIAM (CATFISH) MUTHIG JR.

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