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Timothy Thompson, US Navy Retired


Timothy was nominated by Steven Altman :

Sensei Tim Thompson is one of the most dedicated Master karate Instructors I have ever met in martial arts. He has trained both my son and daughter from white belt to black belt for the past eight years. I have seen many positive changes physically, mentally and academically as a result of Sensei Tim Thompsons intervention in the Ryoshin-Kan Karate School Dojo classes. He has accomplished more than I could have and he will always have a special place in my heart for all he has done for my family. My son is more confident, he has lost 20 pounds so far and he strives to stay on the Principals’ list in school. My daughter is also more confident, she strives to stay on the Honor roll in school although she is taking some challenging courses so it fluctuates. They both learn what it means to always do your best and never give up. They have a lot of fun working with others their age while they learn to defend themselves and get physically fit. It helped my son break out of his shell while being in a social atmosphere with others his age as they worked together in the Shoryn-Ryu Martial Arts Style. They also learned Kinjitsu, Goshinjitsu, and many other forms in the Martial Arts. Sensei Tim Thompson has one of the biggest hearts in helping everyone in his school bring out the best in themselves and become a Champion.

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