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Sherre’ Andrade, US Navy


Sherre’ was nominated by Jeffrey Andrade,

Sherre’ is a loving wife who strives to push her endeavors for her country and her family. As an Electrician on the Destroyer uss San Jacento she braved through the previous collision with another ship praying all the way to see her family again. now while here ship is being worked on still spending most of her time granted her heart warmed CO understand what all the families are going through he goes out of his way to ensure the sailors are visited or the families are visited by their loved sailor to keep them going through the tough time of the holidays. I nominate her because she ensures the equipment on the ship sustained the power to carry out the orders given by the co and the president to get in harms way whatever the cost to ensure the safety and the freedom or the country and the families that love them. Hazzar for the united states armed forces. May their strength and courage guide and protect us form tyranny and evil of others….. the loving family of Jeffrey M. Andrade (dUAL mILITARY)

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