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Roberto Valentin, US Navy

Roberto was nominated by his wife Merdie:

I will love to nominated my husband we have been married 6 years and he has been on the Navy since 2008 too, MM2 Roberto Valentin is a great father of our 2 kids, Amelia and Merek and also an excellent son and husband, always so supportive on all our projects. His father was diagnoses with lung cancer, and he is always checking on his father and be supportive with him all the time. I am so lucky he is a truly family man.
Right now we are on shore duty and enjoying every day with him.
We are so great full for our military life, all the opportunities. He has been on 1 deployment with the USS KEARSARGE 2010-2011 and multiple underways, which as has made us more stronger family than ever. I am so proud of him for all his sacrifices and hard work because he always is there for us. I am so lucky to be married with him, great provider, shows dedication and we couldn’t be more happier with his service protecting our freedom. We love you! Thank you for all!

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