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Joshua Keith Rae, US Navy

Joshua was nominated by his Fiance Sydney Wilson:

My fiancé Joshua Keith Rae is my high school sweetheart, and my personal hero. I moved out to Virginia from Massachusetts on May 23rd this past year to support him on his journey in the Navy. I was thrilled after being excepted into old dominion university as a psychology major. I am also a credible equestrian and horseback riding instructor Josh inspires me everyday. He is 22 and I am 21 years old. He met me when I was a brace faced high school sophomore in Chatham, MA. Since then, he has been my bestfriend, mentor, and hero. His unconditional passion for protecting our country is outstanding. My love and respect for him can not even be described. As a young military couple, we have had to face several challenges. However, I am grateful for these challenges because they make us stronger. We will be married November 7th of this year. I hope to share our story of two strong, proud, and driven individuals who have unite through love and the passion of protecting our nation.

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