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Vincent Savage, US Navy

Vincent was nominated by his wife, Sabrina:

Vincent Savage is my husband and he is a hands down hero. Throughout his military career he has faced so much for a person as young as he is. He lost his father and best friend, his childhood dog, and had to move away from the only home he has ever known to serve his country in a very short period of time. Through all his strife he still maintained excellent service to his ship and his community. Through everything he was an amazing father and a stepfather to a little girl that he has raised as his own and who desperately needed the love of a father, a tremendous husband and a leader. He has commissioned one ship and is now serving to commission another. He has been nominated multiple times for awards and is a very strong candidate for sailor of the year. He takes time to help his fellow sailors learn to weld, and become certified to do major important jobs on the ship. He takes time to help soldiers get situated when they arrive to the command. He takes time out of his personal schedule to help sailors learn their way around Hampton roads and show them the area. He has always remained dedicated to helping others better themselves. He has earned a journeymen while serving and is currently working on his degree. My husband’s rate is severely under-appreciated most of the time. He is an HT and no one really gives him the praise he deserves for being the best he can be and for helping others to do the same. He has been through so much in this life and still he perseveres and still he does his best for community and home.

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