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Joseph Riley, Navy

Joseph was nominated by his wife Danielle:

We are going on our 11th year of marriage and have four beautiful children 2 girls and 2 boys from 9 years old to 10 mo. old. During our life together we have definitely had our trials and tribulations, we were told early one we would never have children of our own and obviously they were wrong and now have plenty and one of the biggest things in our lives that we’ve had to deal with is me. For several years now I’ve been through several excruciating back surgeries and different medical trials so that I can operate on a daily bases like walking and playing with our much loved children, and you know more than any one else in my family he is always there putting his career on the line just to help with everyday things that a parent should be able to do without help…I’ll even tell him no and he won’t stand for it. He works so hard at work then comes home to take care of me to make sure he can get anything I may need or the children need. I know this is probably silly but without this man, my husband and best friend I don’t know really what have become of me. He goes to doctor appointments so he knows how to better take care of me and to help with my kids so I can rest. No matter if I have had a bad day he always makes me smile and laugh and makes me feel like a million dollars. There are sometimes he does so much he barely sleeps because he wants to place less burden on me and in my opinion he is not only my hero but a definite mentor to all he comes in contact with and he helps people succeed instead of fail, I wish the world had more of him so that they can share the same happiness with their spouse as I do with my Hero. Thank you!

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