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Daniel Meadows, USMC

Daniel was nominated by his sister Ruth:

I am very proud of my little brother Daniel Meadows. He graduated from Kecoughtan HS with highest honors. He worked as a Life guard at the YMCA since he was sixteen years old until he graduated college. He enlisted in the USMC reserves directly after HS and graduated from Paris Island. During his specialty training he graduated as honor graduate which is a big deal in the Marines. With our other brother, Richard, already serving in the Infantry in Iraq he felt it best to stay close to home for my parent’s sanity. So he enrolled in ODU and graduated with a political science degree. His goal was to go to OCS but that was snuffed by his knee and hip injuries due to his extensive running and training, however he served out his six years at Little creek and is still on the recall list. He is also very humble about his accomplishments and brags more so about his brother then about himself. But these things never came easy for him as he had some difficult challenges during his elementary years and had to work extra hard to overcome these challenges. After working many odd jobs, due to the shrinking economy, was fortunate to obtain a position working for a government contract company called Phantom Eagle. Plus he is now embarking on a project to help save lives from Drunk Drivers. No matter what his circumstances, he has always had a “can do” attitude and that is why I am super proud of my brother.

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