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Lane Gainey, US Navy


My husband, Lane is a dedicated, hard-working Sailor in the US Navy. Lane has been in the Navy since 2007, and has done two deployments in that time. We just recently got married on February 26th of this year. We have been together for almost 3 years now..mostly long-distance because of the two 8 month deployments he has done, and that I am a born and raised Canadian. Most of our relationship has involved long phone calls, and even longer road trips to be able to see one another. But, we have finally been able to get things in gear so that I am able to be over here in Virginia with him. He is my hero because for now, I am not able to work legally here in America until my visa has been approved to work. So, Lane is supporting both him and I, while juggling things other than the bills such as the payments for our visa etc… I think he deserves the recognition because he does so much not just for me, but for his friends and family as well. He would take the shirt off of his back for anyone if it meant that he was helping out. He is a fix it man, and will do everything in his power to fix a rattle in your car, to a bruise on your heart. We have been through thick and thin thus far in our relationship and has stuck by me every step of the way being nothing less than amazing. I want to be able to show him how much he is truly appreciated by giving him the recognition he deserves. I hope you choose to use our story…because my husband is nothing short of a hero, he is my hero anyhow!

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