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Kyle Murden, Army Rangers

Kyle Murden

Kyle Murden is the son of Connie and Wayne Murden, and the brother of Ryan Murden, and the Husband of Ashley Murden. I have known him since before birth (my father was friends with his father, therefore inevitably making us perfect friends as well).

Ever sinceĀ I can remember, Kyle was born to be a soldier. From watching war movies like Saving Private Ryan and Black Hawk Down, to playing with G.I. Joes on the top deck of my beach house in North Carolina as if it was a lookout position, to the time I spent with him mapping out tactical attack methods with pellet guns an soda cans on his tree farm in Pungo, to shooting paintball guns at each other until we could not feel our eremites, to playing video games like Delta Force and Call of Duty: Black Ops, and finally hearing the news that he was officially joining the U.S. Army, I knew he was born for this job.

He is a scout sniper, and graduated out of boot camp at the top of his class as one of the most physically fit men in his platoon. Kyle will soon move up from PFC to a Specialist Scout Sniper. Kyle enjoys to surf with his lovely wife Ashley in his free time, and also likes to skateboard, snowboard, and play video games. But he mostly enjoys surfing though. Kyle will be returning from a one year tour in Afghanistan in December. Many details of the of where he is and what he is doing cannot be disclosed. However, we all know that he is safe, and that he is amazing, and that we are all proud of him. Please select Kyle Murden as your Military Hero of the Week.

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