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Jonathan Reid, US Army


Jonathan was nominated by his son Christian:

I am nominating my father. He has been in the Army for 9 years and has deployed twice. Most recently 2010. Being Soldier is only one reason why I think my dad is a Hero. My parents are going through a divorce for me and my brother. I don’t know when it will be settled, but in the mean time(really for the past year), we have been living with our dad. He has taken care of every need possible for us. He also goes to college full time, he volunteers on my brothers baseball team as a coach. He also a board member too for the league. With all what he has going on, he still makes the time to go over our homework, cooks dinner, laundry, and oh yeah he does daddy stuff too. He also ensures that he is aware of every event in our school. My dad has pushed himself to limits that I have seen other fathers crumble at. He is not only a military hero, but my hero too and should be honored for his contributions to not only the Military, Country, but our to me and my brother. oh, we are 15 and 8 in age. We love you dad!!!

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