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John Mark Horst, US Navy

Horst, John Mark

My husband is my military hero. I think he should be nominated for his dedication and hard work for the US Navy. He started in 2007 in the ROTC program at Virginia Tech, learning the skills to be an officer. Meanwhile, also earning a degree in Mining and mineral engineering. This took a lot of hard work and dedication! He commissioned into the Navy this past May, and is currently an Ensign on the USS Ramage. He loves the Navy and his job. He finds fulfillment in going to work every day and being a good example to those who look to him for guidance. He is dedicated in everything he does, from PT, to learning his job, to his faith in Jesus Christ, and even being a dedicated husband. We were recently married this past September and I have already found a love for the Navy through him. I enjoy the culture, new friends, and the unity everyone has. I enjoy seeing my Husband grow as he goes to work every day, in that uniform, and I look up to him. He makes me want to have that same kind of dedication in everything I do.

In the good times and bad, I know my husband will always have a plan to keep our heads up. I love my Ensign!

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