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Jerry Shenefield, US Navy

Jerry Shenefield

My hero is my father Jerry Edwin Shenefield. He began serving his country at the age of 18 right out of high school. Shortly after my mother became a part of his life and they had my little brother and I. My dad is a hard working man who does everything possible to keep his family and his country safe. He has been deployed numerous times and missed many thing in my life but I know that it was to keep us safe.

My dad now works for the Maritime civil affairs and security training command, he has been working there for about a year now. All together my dad has spent 22 years serving this country. Just about two days ago we were given the news that he will be deployed to Afghanistan for a year. He will be leaving in June of this year, while flying back and forth before, then for training. I feel that recognizing him as a military hero would be an amazing thank you right before he leaves.

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