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Jeremy Lindquist, US Navy


Jeremy was nominated by his wife, Kelly:

My husband Jerms, is an amazing father of 4, and awesome husband. Married almost 12 yrs, and our oldest son leaves for Navy boot camp in 3 weeks. He has set the example of leadership in our home but with love and respect. He has always made sure that his family comes first even with his military duties by having everything in order so we don’t have to worry when he deploys. He is a dedicated, highly trained operator for our Navy Bomb Squad where he works as a highly skilled Team Chief “Master Blaster” that takes awesome care of his men. He is our hero, and we are so proud of him. He is a quiet operator, who doesn’t ever bring attention to himself (unless his wife gets a chance) and knows how to be a team player at work and at home. Since we are 3 yrs out before retirement, I thought this would be one way our family could show him how much he means to us and honor him. He is amazing, fearless, and a man of honor, with commitment and integrity. We hope he wins this contest- we think he deserves some recognition. Thanks for allowing us to nominate our hero’s, that means a lot to this military family of 6. Hooyah!

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