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Jeremy Kreitzer, US Navy


Jeremy was nominated by his wife Christina…

 am 25 years old and about to have my 7 yr anniversary with my rock and my love.. i have gone through surgeries and many medical procedures due to extensive and painful medical conditions i have. I have been tested and poked and prodded and horrified. All the while my husband busts his butt and has made it to a 1st class in about 6 yrs not to mention he leads all his men and launches jets from his carrier.. All the while he has stood by me with all my problems.. he has spent numerous nights in the er and then going to work in the morning… He cleanes, cooks, takes wonderful care of our son and is the reason i have made it this far..When me or his family need him he is right there no matter what he has to do to get there. right now we are facing me not being able to give him anymore children and more surgeries coming up but all he does is support me all the way and helps me get through it all…And still he leaves and fight for our country and our families..He is an amazing husband, naval petty officer, father, and most of all he is the rock to our family and to his ship..I feel like our hero’s don’t ever get the thanks or attention they deserve so much. i love my hubby Petty Offocer 1st class Jeremy Kreitzer and I do not know what i would do without his love and support and understanding through these last few what i am going through even when he has so much to worry about him…He is my family rock and my heart but both of us are very tired and ready to have me better not only for me but for our son and for him.. Unfortunately due to the medical conditions i do have at 25 i don’t get to do normal things like other women my age can do. My hubby deserves a medal for holding down things when i can’t.

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