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George Sulligan, US Army

George Sulligan

My husband George is my nomination as a Military Hero. George has been in the ARMY for 11 years now, he has 5 daughters (yes, 5 DAUGHTERS!!) and has been married to me for 5 years. He is an 88K, aka a Watercraft operator. In March of 2009, when I was pregnant with his fifth (my third) daughter, we found out he was leaving for Kuwait in August for a year. He left when I was 28 weeks pregnant, I also had a 2 year old and a 3 year old to take care of.

We made it through that deployment and many little work-related “trips” along the way, but the real “heroism” came this past fall when I became very sick, was hospitalized twice and lost all mobility on my left side. George was not only going to work, he was also taking care of me, our 3 kids, and 2 big dogs. For over two months, he did all of the housework and was my nurse, on top of everything else going on. I can’t thank him enough for being there. In my eyes, that’s a true hero…taking care of his family and country with everything he has at the same time.

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