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Eric Kehl, US Navy


Eric was nominated by his wife, Karlee Kehl:

My Husband MM1 Kehl has been serving in the United States Navy for 9 years. The Navy has greatly impacted our lives not only bringing us closer together but also moving us further away from family and friends despite all of this he wouldn’t change any of it for his experiences that he has had while in the Navy as well as the love he has for our country. My husband is my hero because he works tirelessly to provide for our family (our 2 children and myself.) My husband is currently a Senior at Post University, he will be the first in our family to graduate from college and wants to set a good example for our children. He has inspired me so much that I am currently attending Post University as well. Not only does he work long hours as a MM, he does his school work and still manages to spend as much time playing with our kids.

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