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David Connell, US Navy


I would like to nominate my husband for the hero of the week. He has been a proud member of the US Navy since 2004 and hopes to serve in the military as long as he possibly can. He is such a fantastic representative of all of the members of our armed forces. It is hard to find a more resolute patriot. He is so committed to the military and would do anything that is asked of him.

We are newlyweds, and I have quickly gained a respect of duty and a personal pride in my husband when he heads to work in his uniform every morning. He is currently on the USS Ramage where they are working up to deployments next year. I have so much respect for the sacrifices he makes on my behalf and on behalf of our country. In a few weeks David is going to support the Navy in a very different way by living his lifelong dream of going to Ireland and losing his voice at the Navy/Notre Dame game in Dublin. I love my man in uniform and I love Navy Football!

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