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Chris Ashmore, US Navy

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Chris was nominated by his girlfriend Mikkayla…

I would like to nominate Chris Ashmore as my Military Hero. Chris is an exceptional sailor and my boyfriend. He is confident and studious in all of his military affairs, and despite being stationed far from me, he does everything he can to ensure that our relationship does not suffer. Even if it means late phone calls in the midst of his military-induced exhaustion, or something as simple as sending a short, sweet letter. During his short three years in the Navy, Chris has qualified to stand more watches than most of his peers – including those who have been in the military far longer than him. He even earned his Enlisted Service Warfare Device in record time aboard the USS Ramage (DDG-61) during his first deployment. We all know that the military is far from an easy job, and Chris’s ability to consistently fulfill and surpass the expectations of his superiors regardless of the situation and it’s stress levels is beyond impressive. In his time serving our nation, he has never fallen short of what is expected of him, and is always ready to selflessly lend a helping hand. He is steadfast, honest, and kind-hearted, and sometimes all a person needs a simple thank you. Thank you, Chris – for always doing more than  is asked of you, for always looking to uplift a shipmate or friend, and for serving our country with nothing less than strength and honor.

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