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Cameron Watson, US Navy


Cameron was nominated by his wife Wendy,

My husband has been in the navy 13 years and is currently deployed to the Middle East. This is his 8th deployment. He’s 31 yrs old. We were only married 2 weeks when he got deployed for 7 1/2 months. This is my first deployment and I’m almost 2 1/2 months into it. I’m such a lucky lady to be married to this guy. He is such a loving husband to me as well as our fur-babies. He’s been deployed to such countries as Indonesia, Japan, Guam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bahrain, etc. I met him almost 6 months after he returned from a 10 month deployment to Iraq. There he was a bodyguard for a 4 star general. He’s served his country well and he’s a hero in my book!

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