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John Baade, US Navy

My husband is one of the hardest working people that I know. He is always putting others before himself. After coming home from a long day of work he immediately takes over the care of our two young boys every time. He was recently in a car accident when a young girl ran a red light and hit our car with both boys in the back. After making sure they were alright he was more concerned about the other driver. When I got there to help his first concern was for her and the state that she was in. Thankfully nobody was seriously hurt. He is always the voice of reason and brings calm to any situation that he finds himself in. He is a hero and a true role model.

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Monday, February 1, 201602/01/2016

John Baade, US Navy

My husband is one of the hardest working people that I know. He is always putting others before himself. After…


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Monday, December 28, 201512/28/2015

Stephen Matteson, US Navy

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Monday, December 21, 201512/21/2015

Kevin Murray, US Navy

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Monday, December 14, 201512/14/2015

Scott Nydam, US Navy

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Monday, December 7, 201512/07/2015

Daniel Bobka, US Army

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Monday, November 30, 201511/30/2015

Michael Lewis, U.S. Coast Guard

Michael was nominated by Dave Cowger: Petty officer Lewis is a Damage Controlman of the USCG. He’s dedicated half his…

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